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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Musings with the Greenster

Greetings and salutations fans,

As we all know yours truly and the Kansas City Chiefs are preparing to face those evil, twisted, cut blocking SOB's known collectively as the Denver Broncos on the NFL network's first ever televised game. Since it's the first time the NFL Network are showing a game, I thought I'd share a few firsts with you. They're mostly about the Broncos and simply reinforce why I hate them.

1. They are the first team Damon "Not the face" Huard lost to as a starter this season. Need I say more? Actually I will. Huard couldn't get the job done and despite his 11TD's against inferior opposition, this defeat is the reason Coach Edwards couldn't wait until I was healthy again despite Huard's blatant meddling with the water supply and Ty Law catching him with a huge quantity of LSD shortly after Coach Edwards' obviously fake "I may bench Trent" comments.

2. The Denver Broncos were the first team to vent asbestos into visiting teams locker rooms.

3. The Denver Broncos were the first NFL team to establish diplomatic relations with Red China. Of course, the Toronto Argonauts beat them to it, but Canadian Football makes less sense than Aussie Rules (and is nowhere near as fun.)

4. The Denver Broncos were the first team to be sued by Harry Nilsson for copyright infringement. The never relased 1997 "ditty" "Can't live, if living is with Elway" was thankfully yanked by Harry's legal representatives.

5. The Denver Broncos were the first team to give evidence against Oliver North. Leftist pricks.

6. The Denver Broncos will be the first team on the NFL Network to lose. And surrender 600 yards in the air. Because I will pass for 600 yards on the dot.

So, there you go. Never say that I, Trent Green am not a facet of knowledge.

In practice today I was able to stick sugar in Huard's Pinto gas tank. Brodie Coyle better watch his step too. His recent flirtation with the #2 spot hasn't gone un-noticed.


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