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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Son of a biscuit!

I'm slightly annoyed at the state of the nation today. You see, when I awoke from my usual 4 hours sleep (regular people need about 8, but I'm Trent Green and only need half) I found a terrible decision had been made. No, I'm not talking about the mid-term elections. It seems Coach Edwards has committed the first and possibly lethal mistake in his career. He's having second thoughts about turning the reigns back to me when I finally pay some Mexican doctor to clear me! Shit, I would have done that weeks ago had I known what the bastard had planned for me! Yeah, we're 5-3 in KC at the moment but none of that is down to Huard! The man is little more than a hand off monkey! Have you seen a game this season? Well, probably not because I haven't been playing but let me tell you our offense would be more effective if we just snapped the ball to Larry Johnson direct. He's doing his bit to keep the team alive so that I can lead us to Superbowl glory. Huard on the other hand is getting away with sheer fluke. 5-2 as a starter, yes, that's true but we all know what happened in the games that counted! He blew it against Denver and he blew it against Pittsburgh. 2-6 Pittsburgh!

However, those communists at CBS aren't paying attention. Huard steps up, Huard does this, Huard manages games well.

I told Coach Edwards that Gaymon's "game management" was all a plan to screw both of us. He wants to cripple Larry Johnson, pass more and try and keep me on the bench! I think Gaymon's gotten to Coach though- maybe he drugged him or something.

Coach: Well, Damon's actually been passing the ball. He's thrown 11td's Trent.

A Huard throwing for 11 TD's? What the fuck? I told Coach that simply can't be but then he started saying stuff like was I dizzy or anything?

Coach: Well, Damon's got two Superbowl rings and is doing a nice job.

Hey, I led the Rams to a Superbowl. Not actually playing in it but by practically playing through Kurt Warner. And look how his career went as soon as I started tearing it up in KC.

Nice job?! Nice job!?!?! Jon Kitna's been doing a nice job and Detroit aren't going anywhere soon. Honestly, the world is a scary place today.


Blogger Kurt Warner said...

"And look how his career went as soon as I started tearing it up in KC."

Hey buddy, I won the MVP the year you sold us out for Kansas City. Get your facts straight.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Really Trent Green said...

Hey Kurt,

How's the bench working for you?

Hugs and kisses,


12:10 PM  

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